Feeling the heat

As the food editor for a newspaper, I am in charge of writing a weekly column and providing content for a weekly food cover. There are times we run wire copy instead of local, but I’m proud to say we haven’t published a wire food cover since I returned from vacation in late June.

Yay me!

However, because our paper is going through a redesign, with my food section moving from Tuesday to Thursday, I was pretty sure the change in deadlines would mean we’d have to run a wire┬ácover to get us through next week. I even told my editor I didn’t have an idea for next week’s food cover.

She responded by dumping a plastic bag of jalapenos on my desk.

“This is a quarter of what I have in my garden,” she said. “What am I supposed to do with them?”

So now I’m on a hunt for jalapeno recipes. I spoke with Mike of Jalapeno Madness this morning and will go knock on a complete stranger’s house this evening because they had a wheelbarrow full of free jalapeno peppers in their yard the other day.

Journalism is pretty awesome.


I need some help

I went to dinner last night with my grandma, my dad and my daughter. I ordered the Cajun chicken and penne and it was awesome!

Here’s what I need — the recipe for the Cajun┬ásauce. It’s cream based with green peppers, red onions and spices. It’s spicy, but it doesn’t overwhelm you. In fact, it was the perfect thing to order last night because I am fighting a cold.

I plan to spend some time scouring the Internet for a similar recipe, but if anyone out there has one already, feel free to share!