Adventures in Cooking, otherwise known as, The Week Without a Refrigerator

See that? That’s a picture of my refrigerator.

It hasn’t been that clean, or that empty, since we bought our house more than four years ago.

The reason it is so bare is because it is broken.

Sort of.

The freezer is fine. Everything is cold, everything is solid. No complaints there — except that everything in the refrigerator portion is frozen solid, too.

We first noticed it on Tuesday morning. The milk had ice in it. We figured the freezer door wasn’t shut properly, so the refrigerator overcompensated. An easy fix.

Wednesday morning, the milk was a solid cube.

By Thursday, I was googling refrigerator prices.

On Friday, I ordered our new refrigerator. Yes, I could have called a repairman, but the fact of the matter is that the refrigerator is as old as the house. I could shell out a couple hundred to see if it could be fixed, or just apply that money to a new refrigerator and not have to worry about it for many years.

I chose the second option.

(It took Scott some time to get around to the idea of a new refrigerator, but seeing as he’s out of the country this week and not dealing with the refrigerator issue, he didn’t really have much to add to the debate.)

Unfortunately, our new refrigerator won’t be installed until Wednesday afternoon. I was able to take most of our perishable food to my sister’s refrigerator, so we’ll find a way to manage over the next few days, but Thanksgiving will be delayed until Sunday this year as I refuse to buy Thanksgiving items on Wednesday night.

For now, though, I’m thankful for the white wine still in my refrigerator. It’s perfectly chilled. (Ha!) I think I’ll have a glass before I order tonight’s dinner.


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