Yo, yo, yo

I was on TV this morning to talk about Tony Hawk’s upcoming visit.

(Oh yeah, I interviewed Tony Hawk last week. Easily one of the highlights of my career.)

Seconds before my segment, there was a story about an increase in yogurt sales, with the reporter saying people like to go-to convenience of yogurt for meals and the price.

I always have containers of yogurt in the fridge (Yoplait’s Cherry Vanilla is my favorite!) and sometimes I eat yogurt for breakfast, but I still find myself hungry an hour later. Adding granola to the yogurt helps stave off those hunger pains, but we all know granola is not as healthy as we all like to pretend.

So I turned to Google for help.

My search for “yogurt toppings” turned up a lot of frozen yogurt toppings, but I did find a few suggestions that could work:

  • Fresh strawberries, raspberries, peaches and fig add fiber and Vitamin C.
  • Baked pears.
  • Rolled oats (again, extra fiber).
  • Bran cereal (any kind).
  • Almonds or walnuts.

Have more suggestions for me? I’ll take ’em!


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