The heat is on

Dear God, will this heat wave ever end?

I knew we were going to pay for our mild winter, but come on! I can count on one hand the number of 80 degree days we’ve had since mid June. Our yard looks like a scene from “The Walking Dead” and I think I kind of look like a walker during my morning runs.

The last of our neighbors finally gave up the battle, bringing their sprinklers inside and letting the grass turn brown with the rest of us. I no longer feel guilty we said “Screw it” weeks ago, but I do miss jumping through the sprinkler.


(That’s for my friend Cecelia. We were running once, toward the sprinklers, and they kept moving away from her. Maybe you had to be there.)

Anyway, I exhausted my lineup of “Oh-my-God-how-am-I-supposed-to-cook-in-this-weather?” recipes weeks ago, so I am turning to the Crock Pot. I own several Crock Pot cookbooks (shocking, right?), but I only use my Crock Pot for chili. No more, my friend! If we want something hot, it’s going to have to come from that Crock Pot because there is no way in here (’cause the weather makes it feel like hell) I’m using my oven.

Well, unless I need a cookie.


  • One beef pot roast of your choice
  • 1 box, (2 envelopes) Lipton Onion Soup Mix
  • Baby carrots
  • New potatoes
  • 2 cups water
Place beef pot roast in crock pot and sprinkle with Lipton onion soup mix. Add carrots and  new potatoes. Pour water over pot roast. Cook on low 8 to 10 hours or until tender.
To thicken the gravy, add a little flour or cornstarch to the liquid left in the Crock Pot after removing the meat and vegetables. Whisk well.

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