Getting crafty

I need a bigger kitchen.

I feel silly saying that as I now have the largest kitchen I’ve ever had in the 14 years I’ve been a grown up who cares about things like square footage and adequate storage. Despite that, I don’t have room for everything I need or want in my kitchen.

My husband would say that’s a clue to stop buying kitchen gadgets.

I say he’s a kitchen gadget.

That makes no sense unless you hang out with us. It still won’t make sense, but we’re lovable and can get away with it.

Anyway, kitchen storage. I need more of it, especially because of the egg-related things I ordered from yesterday.

Last fall, I saw a photo on twitter that inspired the project below. A woman has attached her cookie cutters to a bulletin board, then framed it. She used an ornate frame and crowded her cookie cutters very close, so it looked professional. I didn’t have the patience or the money to go all out like that, but I am still pretty happy with my results.

A bulletin board, some hemming pins and a lot of cookie cutters. Now I have an original work of art and a free shelf in my pantry.

Everyone wins!

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