Cuts like a knife

Here’s how my family helped me celebrate my birthday.

My daughter, age 10, bought me a gigantic lime green pillow. It is quite possibly the guadiest and most comfortable thing I’ve ever owned. (Keep in mind I wore Troll Doll earrings in high school, so I know gaudy.)

The boy, age 12, bought me a travel coffee mug. As I hope to give up caffeine this year, it shall later be a tea travel mug.

My husband gave me a new chef knife and International Cooking lessons. Starting next week, I will spend my Wednesday nights at the local community college, learning how to cook food from France, Mexico, Italy and Japan.

I am excited about this, but I have two concerns.

1 — I am supposed to bring an apron. Do stores even sell aprons that aren’t for men who grill?

2 — My new knife is HUGE! How do I carry that into class without looking like Michael Myers?


2 responses

  1. no suggestions about how to take your new knife without it feeling like a concealed weapon…but your cooking class sounds like so much fun. you have one thoughtful husband!

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