Best cookbook ever?

So it’s been established that I have a lot of cookbooks.

A lot of cookbooks.

But this isn’t about me.

My brother-in-law expressed an interest in learning how to cook. He already experiments in the kitchen and, according to my sister, some experiments have turned out better than others.

He’s never followed a recipe and while part of me is secretly jealous — I could never be that loose in the kitchen — another part believes the fun part about recipes is tweaking them until they suit your tastes.

The pun was totally intended.

He asked me to recommend a cookbook and I drew a blank. Do I go with something all-encompassing like The Better Homes and Garden Cookbook, a classic like The Joy of Cooking or something with a lot of pictures? I love The Joy of Cooking, but the lack of pictures always throws me. I like seeing what the dish is supposed to look like when it’s finished.

I recently gave my sister-in-law the Anyone Can Cook cookbook from Better Homes and Gardens. She is not a kitchen person, so she wanted something that would teach the basics. My brother-in-law, though, seems more advanced.

His birthday is in a few weeks. What cookbook should I give him?


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