Things I Love: OXO Good Grips

Some people are lucky to have a great father. I am blessed to have two.

My dads are without a doubt the greatest guys ever. One is known for his compassion, the other for his flirting. One hates playing board games because he doesn’t like the rules — this usually happens when he’s losing — and the other never let me win as a child, which is probably the reason why I’m so competitive today.

One of my dads grew up on a farm, so he knows how to fix anything. When I was little, I’d just hand him what was broken and wait for him to return it. Now he has to deal with phone calls such as “My garage door won’t open. Why?” and “My garbage disposal sounds funky.” I know he’ll never laugh at me — in my defense, we didn’t have a garage when I was little, so I never dealt with garage door openers until we bought our house — and so far he has been able to tell me how to fix whatever is broken.

My other dad … well, he knows a guy. Seriously, that’s his thing. He isn’t a handyman and he doesn’t want to be one. He figures people are trained for specific tasks, so they should be hired to fix electrical appliances, file taxes and paint walls. He has a guy for each task and he will share their names with people who need it.

My older sister and I like to poke fun at Dad’s “I know a guy” mentality. We also joke about his other common phrase: You get what you pay for. I agree with him for the most part, although sometimes I think he takes it too far, spending $10 on a potato peeler when a $2 one also was an option.

Then he gave me a $10 potato peeler of my own.

I’ve had this potato peeler for years and it never disappoints. It is because of this potato peeler that I shell out the extra bucks to buy Good Grip items when replacing kitchen supplies. Yes, they cost a bit more than other brands out there, but they last longer which, as Dad likes to say, saves you money in the end.

I had to buy some new Good Grips mixing bowls this week. The one I received as a wedding gift — 12+ years ago — cracked when my daughter through it on the driveway in frustration after losing an impromptu water balloon fight.

She got my competitive gene.

I was bummed. She felt bad. I give myself parenting propos for not yelling because it was an accident. And when you consider I was wanting to buy new mixing bowls anyway … All things happen for a reason.


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