It’s grilling season

Which means I’m not cooking as much.

My husband takes over dinner duties from about early May to October. Steak. Hamburgers. Chicken. Sure, I could encourage him to get fancy and try some new recipes, I actually have several grilling cookbooks, but I also remember what has happened to some of my pots, pans and that really pretty glass pitcher when I push him past his comfort zone.

Man. I liked that pitcher.

I’m not baking as much, either. It’s summer. It’s Iowa. We don’t turn on our stoves if we don’t have to.

So the blog has been quiet for more than a month now. I’ve slacked on my cookbook and organizing recipes goals, too. I have, however, read 33 books so far this year. Does that count for something? I’m also watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” seasons 1 through 7, on DVD. I’m still running and I have a new addiction to Samurai sudoku. I can’t solve a puzzle past the ‘Easy’ level, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

You know what I love about summer? The farmer’s markets. I’m not great at making out my shopping list and buying what I need, but I am great at buying what I want.

Some people buy vegetables at the farmer's market. I buy a deer. The kids named him Brownie.

I went to the Wednesday night market to see my bread lady, who makes awesome lemon poppyseed bread, but she didn’t have any. Apparently the price of poppyseeds is too high for her this year. I blame the people who steam them to get high. That’s why grocery stores make you go to the cigarette counter to buy a jar.

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