A shoutout to pop culture

It has been established that my son is a picky eater.

Very picky.

He’s not as bad as he was when he was little. There was a time in his life when there were only 10 foods he’d eat. Every time he’d add another food item to his list, one would be dropped. It sounds like an exaggeration, but that was how he lived from about age two through first grade.

I’d like to think he has expanded his food tastes since then. For instance, he used to hate Chinese food. Hated it! Then one day we had it for lunch — there were no other options — and he loved it. This is, of course, both good and bad as he now eats more than any of us when we order Chinese.

He’s 11 years old and 5’5″ tall. I don’t even want to know what life will be like when he’s a teenager.

For all my food victories, though, he’s still finicky about some things. He doesn’t like pie (I know! Who doesn’t like pie?), he only likes spaghetti noodles (don’t even think about serving him a different kind of pasta!) and he hates tacos.

He does, however, love iCarly. And a favorite food item on iCarly is spaghetti tacos.

I made tacos for dinner the other night. I also made spaghetti. My son asked if he could have spaghetti tacos and I put a shell on his plate, thinking there’s no way he’d do anything with it.

He ate two spaghetti tacos. I’m not joking. He just scarfed them down in no time flat.

When we were out of spaghetti, I asked if we wanted the last taco shell. I figured he could break it up and eat it like chips.

His response?

“Ew, gross.”


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