Here’s the thing about eggs — it’s rare two people like them the same way.

Personally, I am a scrambled egg fan. I never order scrambled eggs at restaurants or eat them at a buffet because they are usually undercooked, in my opinion. I scramble my eggs until they are basically an omelet, but not folded into a nice little pocket. When I do order eggs at a restaurant, I get them over medium. I like the yolk runny, but not too runny.

It isn’t easy making over medium eggs at home, which is what my husband and daughter prefer. (The boy, as usual, makes his “Yuk” face when I asks if he wants eggs.) I’ve found that if you get your pan really hot, but turn it to medium-high heat when cooking the eggs, you have a better chance of getting them cooked without overcooking or breaking the yolk.

What my husband really likes when it comes to eggs is omelets. Again, omelets can be tricky but after a few trial and errors, and a lot of meals where omelets became scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese, I think I’ve perfected my technique. We were on vacation last week — Spring Break! — so we ate out a lot. When we got home late Friday afternoon, I was thrilled to cook a meal in my own kitchen and made omelets for dinner, with peppers, onions, ham and cheese.


Scrambled eggs taste best when the batter isn’t diluted with milk.

Use an omlet pan for omlets, as it is much easier to handle than a large skillet.

Two eggs, sans milk, is perfect for an omlete. You’ll be able to coat the pan and have it cook through without burning.

Use non-stick cooking spray instead of butter to prep your pans. You’ll save calories that way.

Don’t forget the toast!


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