Just another Manic Monday

Monday nights are busy at my house.

To be fair, most weeknights are busy, but while the rest of the week is a cross-country race, Monday night is a sprint.

I work two Monday nights a month, leaving my husband to handle dinner, homework, chores, lessons, etc. on his own. The other two Monday nights my daughter and I have Girl Scouts.

I don’t want to me one of those people who hates Mondays, but I really hate Mondays.

So last night my husband and I get home around 5 p.m. That gives about 90 minutes to make dinner, help the kids finish their homework, start laundry and pack up the 200+ boxes of Girl Scout cookies the troop didn’t sell at Saturday’s cookie booth in my car so they can be returned after the meeting. My husband was going to make the drive to pick up my younger sister, who stays with us a few nights a week.

Problem No. 1 — Husband misplaced cell phone. Spend the next 20 minutes looking for it, calling people at the paper to see if he left it there. Once it is located, he leaves.

Problem No. 2 — One of the family cats thinks water is more fun out of the water dish than in it, and makes a mess I can ignore. Stop to mop water.

Problem No. 3 — Son’s math homework consists of problems like 12x-2=14-4x. There were problems with fractions and decimals, too. I don’t like 6th grade math.

Problem No. 4 — I had no idea what to make for dinner.

Things got a little harried, but we managed to do everything that needed to be done.

Even the math homework.


  • Boneless, skinless chicken breast — 1 per person
  • Butter
  • White wine — about 1 cup. Feel free to drink the rest if it has been one of those days.
  • Seasoning blend of your choice — I used Mesquite Chicken.

Pound chicken breasts flat between two pieces of waxed paper. This helps the chicken cook faster and is great for releasing stress. Season lightly on both sides.

Melt butter in skillet over medium high heat. Add chicken breasts. Pour in about 1/2 cup of wine. Simmer on medium heat about 5 minutes, then flip.

Search for appropriate side dish while chicken cooks and be grateful you bought some instant wild rice the other day. That feeling of self-righteousness evaporates, though, when you realize you have nothing for a salad. There goes this year’s Mother of the Year award.

Add more wine to skillet if necessary (and when is it not?).

Serve chicken once it is cooked through. Eat as fast as possible without choking so you can get to your next appointment on time. This also means you don’t have time to take a picture of your chicken, but it actually tastes pretty good.

Tell yourself you will start planning weekly menus again soon.


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