Happy Birthday Mr. President!

My friends Jennifer and Paul had their annual Abraham Lincoln birthday party last night.

Yes, it is an annual thing and yes, Lincoln beards are required, as is a birthday cake for the president with the correct number of candles for his birthday.

Last year the apple cake started on fire after the 201 candles were lit. We all admired it and then someone announced it was burning, so everyone quickly snapped pictures before blowing it out. It looked like a tie-dye cake after, given the wax that was on it, but it was still yummy.

Jennifer considered having the numbers 202 for this year’s cake, but then decided that was a cop-out and bought 200+ individual candles.

We found out last night that homemade whipped cream can catch on fire, too.


During -- the candles on fire were crackling.

We started singing "Happy Birthday" as we were lighting the candles because setting the house on fire really kills a party.


Happy Birthday Mr. President. We’ll do it again next year!


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