Soup, there it is!

Have you seen Justin Timberlake’s cup-o-soup Saturday Night Live skit? So funny! Whenever I make soup, or eat soup, it pops in my head. Sometimes I hum the tunes. Sometimes I sing them out loud. I have been known to break into a dance upon occasion.

Soup has power.

It was exactly what my husband and I needed yesterday after a couple of hours shovelling our driveway and sidewalks after Mother Nature dumped 14 inches of snow Tuesday/early Wednesday. To top it off, our snowblower wouldn’t work, even after I hiked the six blocks to the nearest gas station for gas. Luckily, we have a super cool neighbor who lent us his snowblower. I made him and his family chocolate chip cookie bars as a thanks.

His kids now love me.

Classic grilled cheese on French bread and tomato soup for lunch, turkey meatball soup (recipe posted later) and homemade biscuits for dinner.

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