That’s my chicken pot pie!

I had three roommates my junior year of college — Val (who reads this blog — Hi Vallie!), Kate and Rita.

Between classes and jobs, it was rare for all four of us to be home at the same time, but we tried to get together once a week and share a meal. None of us were great cooks at that time, so our “family” meal was usually homemade chicken pot pie, thanks to an easy recipe we found on the back of a box of Bisquick.

To this day, chicken pot pie makes me think of my roommates and how much fun we had — when we didn’t want to kill each other. (Put four girls in a small apartment and that’s bound to happen!)

I’ve made pot pie casserole-style, but then I found a recipe of individual chicken pot pie at JustJenn Rants and Raves and have been a fan ever since. Visit her site for the recipe and stay for everything else. She takes baking and good eating to a whole new level. And you have to love the stories she tells about her grandmother.

I actually didn’t get to eat my chicken pot pie until after 8 p.m. because my daughter and I had a Girl Scouts meeting, but it was still yummy 90 minutes later — still warm, too! (I nuked it for a minute just get to warm the crust, but the filling really does stay hot, so don’t plan on diving right in after baking or you will burn your tongue.)

I was typing on the computer when I was eating last night and one of the cats sniffed at my dinner. I, of course, had to say “Go away kitty, that’s my chicken pot pie” in my best South Park Cartman imitation. Several times.

That might explain why my throat is kind of sore today.


One response

  1. i can hear the cartman imitation!! i’ll have to share my pot pie recipe with you – a regular part of our dinner rotation. miss you tons!

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