So many cookbooks, so little time

My husband, calling from some airport (because I forgot where he’s flying to this weekend): What are you up to?

Me: Playing with my cookbooks.

My husband: Again?

Here’s the thing. I love to make things neat. When I feel overwhelmed, I clean. It helps to have control over something, you know? 

It’s been established I have a lot of cookbooks. And I have been trying to organize those cookbooks for the past year, ever since my baker’s rack fell apart by the sheer weight of all the books. We have a huge pantry and so they fit in there just fine, but they aren’t accessible. If I can’t see them, I won’t use them.

I moved a bunch to one of my kitchen cupboards, and that worked for a few months, but then I bought some more cookbooks, and  I was dealing with the accessible issue again.

I am very much a reader, as is my husband and our children. Our house looks like a library, with bookshelves everywhere. For the most part, I like it. I don’t want to buy another bookshelf for my cookbooks, so I started moving things around. I ended up clearing off one bookshelf for my cookbooks and while it worked, I wasn’t happy with it because they weren’t in order. Baking cookbooks were fixed with dinner cookbooks, ‘secret recipe’ cookbooks were mixed with holiday recipe books.

That probably wouldn’t bother most people, but I have a Type A personality. Those who know me understand.

The before picture.

So today I took out all my cookbooks, again, and reordered them on the bookshelf my husband bought me for my birthday. It’s one of those cube bookshelves, with nine spaces for books, and I organized each cube by a cooking/baking subject.

And after.

We’ll see how long this works before I decide to change things again.


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