It’s not delivery — or is it?

My parents were in town last night. I swung by their hotel room for a chat and we decided to order pizza.

That took at least 15 minutes as my mother read through the possibilities in the phone book and my sisters, brother-in-law and I gave our opinions.

“Pizza Hut?”



“They won’t deliver this far.”


“I’ve had it. Not a fan.”

We eventually chose a place, then spent another 15 minutes debating toppings. I am a generic person when it comes to pizza. Truth be told, I end up taking off the toppings anyway.

Anyone who eats pizza with me for the first remarks on how I eat it. I have a system. First, I eat the toppings. Then I use my fork to lick the sauce (I do this in a very dignified way, of course). I save the best part — the crust — for last.

I loved Paul Revere Pizza when I was a little kid because they cut the pizza in squares. I used to roll my naked pizza up like a burrito.

I probably still would.

When it comes to crust, I am a deep dish fan. The more bread, the better. However, if it’s done right, I will eat thin crust, too. 

Basically, I love bread.

The pizza we had last night had a really flaky crust. It was great! I need to find out where we ordered from so I can have it again. My littlest sister (I have two) isn’t a fan of crust, so I gave her my toppings, she gave me her crust, and all was well in the world.

I made homemade pizza for the first time last week. It was awesome! When my husband walked in and smelled the baking pie, he asked “What’s for dinner?” I said homemade pizza and he said “I love this phase.”

I pulled my dough recipe from Enjoy

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