The great syrup debate

I don’t consider myself a name-brand person. I have no problem wearing my Target-brand Uggs. In fact, finding something that looks good and is affordable makes me happy.

Grocery shopping is the same thing. I will buy the generic cereal, the store-brand bread, etc. It tastes the same! Why pay more just for a name on the packaging?

There is one food item, though, that is worth the higher price. Peanut butter. I will buy the generic brand when making peanut butter cookies, but I must have Jif for sandwiches.

(Actually, I lied. Ketchup is another food item that must be name-brand only. Heinz Ketchup. Anything else is unacceptable.)

My husband feels the same way about syrup. He loves Mrs. Butterworth’s. I think it’s too thick and prefer the cheaper, less dense syrup, which explains why we have three kinds of syrup in our pantry.

I had a roommate in college who was all about name-brand toilet paper. That was a shared expense among the four of us, so when it was my turn I’d pay more, even though I thought it was stupid.

To each his own.


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