Organization 101

Sticky notes are my friend.

I buy them by the gross when they are on sale (this is not that much of an exaggeration) and use them to tab the recipes I hope to make someday.

It is not uncommon for me to go through a pad of sticky notes in one sitting, which leads to another problem. How do I track all my ‘I want to make this someday’ recipes?

Real Simple has suggestions for this very problem. My favorite is to write the recipe title (or a name you’ll remember) on an index card, along with the book or magazine issue it is in and the page number. Then you file the cards alphabetically in a recipe box, dividing it into sections like Breakfast, Desserts, etc.

So simple! (Hence the magazine name.)

I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond last week for a recipe box and discovered that they don’t carry them. Apparently ‘Beyond’ has a stopping point. Who knew? Luckily, Hallmark was nearby and had what I needed:

From now on, any recipe I have tabbed and eventually make will be noted on an index card and filed in my recipe box. Eventually all of these tabbed pages will be index cards. The cards will also note what, if any, changes I made to the original recipe and reactions to it (mine, my husband’s, our children, etc.)

Until that happens, though, I will enjoy these cool sticky tabs Cecelia mailed me for my birthday:

Does she know me or what?

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