Birthday swag

Transitioning to a new marketing demographic was not as painful as I thought is would be, considering the awesome kitchen gifts I received from friends and family.

There are so many cute kitchen things out there, but I — like most people I assume — rarely buy them. I go for the practical, not the whimsy.

But all rules fly on the window on your birthday.

First up we have some nesting dolls, right?

Nope. They are measuring cups. Technically, they were a Christmas present from my parents, but my birthday is close to the holidays, so it counts. I haven’t used them yet, but I have smiled at them sitting on my kitchen counter.

My lovely little sister and her husband gave me this — a miniature flower pot. The flowers are measuring spoons.

How adorable is that?

Last, but not least, my friend Jennifer gave me these: a boomerang spoon for food fights, Chimp Sticks (chopsticks for dummies), “French Toast” (a bread stamper) and teddy bear bag clips. It was such a surprise and I love them all.


Getting older is nothing to be worried about when you have great people in your life. Thank you everyone!


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