Champagne supercupcake in the sky

That’s what I had to listen to last night, thanks to my husband. I told him I was going to put it on my blog.

He sang another lyric.

I made cupcakes last night. Because I made cupcakes, I did not make dinner. My husband took the kids to McDonalds on their way to a 4-H meeting and I had a bowl of cereal.

Let’s focus on the cupcakes, shall we?

CUPCAKES! (If you do not have one of these awesome cupcake totes, buy one ASAP!)

Four dozen. With homemade frosting. Impressive, yes?

Why make cupcakes on a Thursday night? Well, the answer if twofold. First, it’s my birthday Saturday and you are supposed to bring treats to school work on your birthday. Also, today is my three-year anniversary at the newspaper. The only reason I remember that is because on my second day of work three years ago, my birthday, my parents had balloons delivered to the office.

Sweet, right?

No. One of them sang ‘Happy Birthday.’ Seriously. You tapped it and it sang. Tapping it again wouldn’t make it stop.

I made an impression on people.

So today is definitely a day to celebrate, which means pink champagne cupcakes, courtesy of Betty Crocker. Champagne is the ultimate drink of celebration, so why not put it in the food of celebration?

Champagne + cupcakes = total win.

The recipe is easy peasy. Yes, you use a box mix, but the frosting is made from scratch. And that little extra the champagne adds to the frosting? YUM!

Happiness is ... a bowl full of frosting.

Someday you will find me

Caught beneath the candles

In a champagne supercupcake in the sky

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